The workshops have concluded. The following is presented as an archived resource.

May 2010 – All-PI Meeting

Dana Building
University of Michigan
uesday, May 4, 2010

8:30  Introduction – Don Scavia
8:45  NOAA/CSCOR perspective – Beth Turner
9:10  Team Updates

10:40  Break
11:00  Discussion of data flow among teams (with working lunch)
1:00  Climate / Land use scenarios – Nate Bosch
1:20  Discussion of scenarios
3:00  Break
3:15  Discussion of additional management connections / outcomes
4:15 Adjourn


November 2007 – Annual All-PI Meeting

Palmer Commons

University of Michigan

Monday, November 19

9:00 Introduction – Don Scavia

9:15 NOAA/CSCOR perspective – Beth Turner

Watershed Team presentations

9:30-9:45  Chansheng He: Estimating Nutrient Loadings for the Lake Erie Watersheds

9:45-10:00  Tom Croley: DLBRM efforts

10:00-10:15  Jinny Han: Phosphorus budget results

10:15-10:30  Nate Bosch: SWAT efforts

10:30-10:45  Pete Richards: Phosphorus tributary loading estimates

0:45-11:00  Dave Allan: Plans for the coming year

11:00-11:15  Tony Friona: Corps of Engineers efforts

Hypoxia Team presentations

11:30-11:45  Dima Beletsky: Physical models

11:45-12:00  Dan Rucinski: Oxygen models

12:00-12:15  Joe DePinto: Plans for the coming year

12:15 Lunch

Ecological Effects Team presentations

1:15-1:30  Doran Mason: Update on IFYLE-ECOFOR connections

1:30-1:45  Tomas Hook: Yellow perch growth rate potential modeling

1:45-2:00  Stu Ludsin: Rainbow smelt growth rate potential modeling

2:00-2:15  Tomas Hook: Plans for the coming year

2:15 Break

2:45 Review of scenarios and charge to breakouts – Don Scavia

3:15 Breakout sessions

5:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, November 20

9:00 Feedback from Breakouts

Ecological Effects Team Breakout – Tomas Hook

Hypoxia Team Breakout – Joe DePinto

Watershed Team Breakout – Dave Allan

11:00 Meeting summary: Plenary discussion of connections and scenarios
12:00 Adjourn

October 2006 – Kickoff Workshop

Holiday Inn North Campus
Ann Arbor, MI

Introduction Ecological Forecasting Lake Erie (ECOFOR) – Beth Turner, CSCOR Program Officer
Watershed Analysis- Allan
Hypoxia Modeling – DePinto
Ecological Effects – Hook
Connections to other Lake Erie research – Ludsin